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Hall Of Fame Pornstar

Get all the porn gossip about the Golden Age of Porn era when Porn stars were real legends and icons - making the best Classic Porn movies of all time! It was a simpler time when men were men and women were fucked hard and deep. Deepthroat blowjobs, cumshot loops, plenty of bisexual pussy and a lot of straight sex starring the most famous porn stars and brand name sex symbols from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Rewind to the VHS era, the DVD days and the early internet porn pioneers with Hall Of Fame PornStar history!

Asia Carrera

Asia CarreraAfter performing twice at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York as a teen, Asia Carrera's friends and family pegged her as likely to have a great musical career. Challenging all preconceived ideas about her, Asia Carrera decided to work as a go-go dancer in New Jersey through the 1990's. An accredited MENSA genius, former English teacher and college graduate, it came as quite a surprise to those close to her when Asia abandoned all pretenses at a normal career and entered the porn industry as a performer. Follow her incredible rise to the top of the charts and her subsequent retirement from the porn world by reading her full biography at Hall of Fame Porn.

Aurora Snow

Aurora SnowThe California born Aurora Snow, is 32 years old and has been fucked somewhere in the thousands of times throughout her porn career. Some of her films included double and triple penetrations but, her best acting is when the movie was in story form, since she was a straight A student in college she had some theatrical training. She had planed on making a career doing TV commercials but, after taking a part time porn job while in her last year of college, she found out that doing gangbangs paid more.

Rachel Roxxx

Rachel RoxxxRachel Roxxx was born in 1983 and has only been acting in porn movies for a couple of years. She got started in the industry when she was 21, after a friend mentioned how much money she could make as a porn star. Since then she has appeared in over 50 adult scenes- some for movies and others that were set for exclusive internet use. Rachel Roxxx is well known by her incredibly large breasts and nipple piercings, as well as her tattoos. To read more about this sexy brunette, check out her full length bio on Hall of Fame Porn.
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